Night of Redemption - Rich Smokiness & Sweet Rum Solid Cologne

  • $90
  • $90


Night of Redemption - Men Solid Wax Perfume Long Lasting Fragrance. The signature scent of fashionable and masculine & rugged gentlemen. When in the local bar, smelling amazing, feeling like a million bucks and stealing all the chicks. Light up a cigar and take a puff of the smoky profile before settling into the depth of the deliciously layered rum scent.

Comes in our premium packaging that includes a leather pouch for that high-end feel.

Open up a burst of smokiness, before settling into the depths of the deliciously layered sweet rum layers.

  Sustainable & 100% natural wax colognes

 Infinite replacements once the wax runs out

 Take it with you anywhere you go

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Notes: Rich & Smoky, Rum, Musky