About Monsieur Solide

Monsieur Solide - Become Irresistible. 

Welcome to Monsieur Solide, aka Mr. Solid. We have but one chance to make a first impression, and the way we present ourselves to the world matters. Every man deserves to feel fresh and smell irresistible - are you doing everything you can to radiate the greatness you embody within you?

Monsieur Solid is a purveyor of premium men's products such as our hand-made men's solid cologne formulated from all-natural organic oils and wax extract, then packaged in a bespoke portable container and nestled in a luxury leather pouch for safekeeping.

"A solid cologne?" you may ask...

Let's set the record straight.

Alcohol-based liquid colognes evaporate quickly, lose smell within minutes, and are a pain in the rear to carry around. And Nobody likes body odour. No. Body.

If you are still using liquid spray cologne, we've got news for you. You can do better. You deserve better.

Friend, don't settle for spray cologne. Just...don't.

"Well then," you may declare, "how do I elevate my Cologne Game with premium quality products that are NOT the same old stuff I've been using for years?"

We're glad you asked.

Monsieur Solide.

A luxury all-natural, longer-lasting, sustainable, portable, easy-to-use solid cologne, and the finest men's beauty products on the market, including skincare and deodorant. Completely natural, highly sustainable, and hand-made.

THESE are the self-care products you've been after.

Solid cologne is more portable, sustainable, renewable, and doesn't lose scent like alcohol-based liquid cologne does. Take it with you wherever you go and easily replace the wax in your container once it wears out. Monsieur Solide is always handpicked for freshness and irresistibility. High-quality organic oils soothe stress through natural therapy. Plus, unlike spray cologne, the scents in our men's solid cologne do not lose potency over time.

Sounds enchanting, does it not? Read on...

Our exclusive Comermullen range of men's solid cologne is a specimen to behold. It is completely natural, highly sustainable, and hand-made. This range is made from natural essential oils and 100% natural Candelilla wax extract – packaged in an original compact and intuitive zippo-snap-inspired pocket-sized case.

"But Monsieur," you may exclaim, "what about other items? Accessories?"

My new discerning friend, Monsieur has much more for you.

A full line of premium accessories awaits your eager eyes. Our choice travel bags are just what you need to safely transport your personal care products on your next trip. Plus, our wax refills are the easiest way to replenish your cologne. Gone are the days of messy liquid refills and landfill-encouraging disposable cologne waste. This is the modern era, and you're a modern man – simply pop in a new solid wax refill, and you're good to go with no mess, fuss, or waste byproducts.

Not enough for you still? A full line of men's beauty products awaits! Enjoy our facial masks and beard & moustache styling balm, available at your fingertips, right here at Monsieur Solide. In addition, we offer FREE worldwide shipping for all customers, unbeatable prices, an easy refund & return process, and free order tracking - as every gentleman deserves.

In closing, my friend, if you're looking for the best care possible, the best scents possible, and the best quality products, you have stumbled upon the Holy Land. The Utopia. The Shangri-la of men's personal hygiene. For Monsieur Solide provides the most soothing, uplifting blends of the highest quality scents, original and intuitive designs, and a spellbinding power to anyone who uses it.

Every man deserves to be fresh and irresistible. Including you.


So, what is special about your exclusive Comermullen range?

Our exclusive Comermullen wax colognes and scents are completely natural, highly-sustainable & replaceable with our cologne refills found on our website. We hand-make our colognes from all-natural essential oils and 100% natural candelilla wax extract. You don’t have to carry your “bulky” perfumes or sprays in your pocket because our premium-quality Comermullen wax cologne comes in our 100% original compact and intuitive zippo-snap inspired premium pocket-sized case. We ensure the safety of our products through premium-quality packaging with a premium leather pouch to keep your product safe.

Our products are super-easy to use, and Comermullen wax cologne produces optimal results when applied on your pulse points, such as your wrists and neck. Just flick-open your signature tin, and swipe your thumb and dab onto your desired area, and the "magic is in the air”.

You would surely be thinking that all these “majestic” qualities and features would mean you have to pay a premium price tag? No, our premium quality products are available in unbeatable prices and to add to your delight, we offer completely FREE SHIPPING on every single order worldwide, and we entertain our customers with free order tracking, as a gentleman should.

Comermullen wax cologne is a blend of the highest quality scents, original and intuitive design, and a spellbinding power to anyone who uses it. You deserve the best, and every deserves to be fresh and irresistible.