The Beginners Guide to Solid Cologne

The Beginners Guide to Solid Cologne

Beginners Guide to Monsieur Solide's Solid Cologne

An Insight

Every man knows the importance of a great smelling cologne, not only does it make you smell good but is a radiance of who you are, what you're like and is a massive personality giveaway. So, what is cologne? Cologne is a type of perfume originating from Germany mixed by the famous Italian perfumier Johann Maria Farina. But here at Monsieur Solide, aka Mr. Solid, we don't just sell cologne, we make it portable, and in fact, make it solid. What is Solid Cologne? Solid Cologne is perfume/cologne taking the form in natural wax instead of using any water or alcohol, making it long-lasting, concentrated and radiated throughout the day. 

In this beginner’s guide from Monsieur Solide we'll be taking you through the pros of solid cologne, and also provide heavy emphasis on how to apply it.

The Pros


Monsieur Solide's men's solid cologne is not only lightweight but also very small in size. But let's elaborate, the sizing being small only makes it easier to carry around but also easier for you to fit anywhere. Its weight is also a massive factor due to its minimal weight; it can practically fit anywhere; may it be your pocket, bag or even wallet in some cases. Furthermore, solid cologne is always an amazing back-up for emergency situations, may it be a wedding, a date, graduation or wherever you're going. 

Long-lasting scent

As solid cologne takes form in wax, not only does it mean that it's easier to apply, but also the fact that the solid all natural wax, butter, or cream can easily be absorbed by our skin. Hence, we get that fabulous long-lasting cologne scent, as it is moisturised. What also makes men's solid cologne long-lasting is its extermination of alcohol-which when applied to the skin it rather evaporates quickly. Evaporation can lead to constant use of cologne and the smell dulling quicker-also making solid-cologne "cost-effective".


in comparison with liquid form, liquid cologne is much more expensive than men's solid cologne. A lot of money is spent on cologne just for the smell to dull very quickly when having it in a wax form you can use minimal amounts, not only giving a better smell but making it last throughout the day. One of our solid cologne's will last you 3-4 months.

Applying Solid Cologne


Applying solid cologne isn't as hard as it seems, in fact, we'll sum up for you guys on how you can apply it.

  • Step 1: Dip your Index finger in the cologne wax, after dipped rub the wax in a circular motion, this will allow you to absorb a proper amount of wax to get a long-lasting fabulous smell.
  • Step 2: Gently, apply to pulse points such as your wrists and your neck and you're done. A widely asked question is why cologne is applied to pulse points? Well, research shows that our pulse point is where our body generates heat which can, in fact, help radiate and intensify the smell of cologne, making it a better experience for when applying it.

Who thought cologne would be so easy to use and so easy to carry around, get your solid cologne now for that same experience. We are Monsieur Solide, the world’s first, and the best, solid cologne retailers in the making.

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