Introducing Comermullen Solid Cologne

Introducing Comermullen Solid Cologne

Learn about our Exclusive Comermullen Solid Cologne

Monsieur Solide’s exclusively owned Comermullen Series takes flight and truly personifies a man's true confidence. With a range of extravagant, aromatic, and luxurious portable solid cologne, there's an amalgam of scents which do not disappoint. With five Comermullen scents hand-chosen and perfectly balanced, every step of your life is made vibrant.

Monsieur Solide firmly believes in price emulating the quality, hence the perfected packaging and unique look. The cologne is beautifully stored underneath a smooth metal finished case, with the series name engraved on top. Its slidable functionality provides ease, allowing a faster and better way of opening the case. The casing is complimented with a highly satisfying “click” when opening and closing which has been inspired by the classic, and timeless, Zippo lighter. We also include a highly premium pouch holding the solid wax cologne, which is further complemented using a professionally designed box with every Comermullen sold. Ready to deep-dive into a detailed description of our Comermullen range?


A breakdown of our range of Comermullen scents:

Unruly - Fougère, Pepper, Vetiver, Cedar

The notes of this deeply layered unruly consist of Fougère, Pepper, Vetiver, Cedar & Labdanum. Each component adding meaning, passion and aroma. The Fougère provides a naturalistic fresh aroma such as those of a "fern".The black-gold pepper adds seductive spice with a pinch of warmth. The Vetiver swirls and swivels to add an earthy, smoky, and woody aroma. The completion of this masculinity defined cologne is topped off with Cedar & Labdanum, the fresh smell of cedar emphasises its woodiness, whereas the labdanum's sticky brown resin creates a fusion of coffee and leather.


The Romancer - Orange, Seaweed, Rosemary

The notes of this classy romancer consist of Orange, Seaweed, Rosemary, Amber & Clary Sage. The smooth scent of orange is evident giving a sweet and warm aroma, further giving off summer vibes. Seaweed for a savoury impact sprinkling a hint of salt. The unique scent of rosemary stimulates the smell of those of a eucalyptus. For the final touch, amber & clary sage give a warm, herbaceous moulding scent.


Shadow - Papyrus, Iris & Sandalwood

The notes of this shadowy cologne consist of Papyrus, Iris, Rose, Sandalwood & Agarwood. The potent papyrus scent is earthy, spicy, and leathery, again defining masculinity. The smell of Irradiated Iris gives a woody scent, or often described as the smell of the earth after a storm. It is further complemented through the sweetness of rose, the richness and woodiness of the sandalwood, which is completed with a note of bitterly sweet agarwood.


Night of Redemption - Smokiness & Sweet Rum

The night of redemption is simply seductive and bold. Packing a solid smoky punch with a heavy delicious sweet layer of rum. Perfect for any occasion, and for any time. Not only is this smells fashionable and oozes luxury, but also sits perfectly on any gentlemen.


Islets & Forests - Grapefruit, Frankincense & Fir

Islets & Forests is for those who seek freshness in cologne. With notes of Grapefruit, Frankincense, Fir, Jade Leaf Tea & Ambergris. The grapefruit is an essence of citrus with a fusion of bitterly fresh, alongside a spicy and sweet fir. Fantastically the fruitiness of the jade stands out, mixing with the subtle smell of tea and sweet ambergris.


The Replace & Refill System

Monsieur Solide believes in customer satisfaction, hence our intuitive and sustainable refill system. Once that amazing wax solid cologne has run out, do not stress! There's no need to worry about buying a new case and cologne. But the question is why? Well, that's because Monsieur Solide offers cologne replacement / refills of any scent you wish for half the price. All you need to do is pop out your old one, and replace the empty cologne with your new selection, isn't that great? That way you get to enjoy our full range of premium & natural scents for less.

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